Who’s Roastin’

Joey KramerJoey Kramer, drummer of the legendary Aerosmith, is a coffee-lovin’ Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer who has pounded the skins since his early teens fueled by his love for music…and spirited beans.

Cups – big and small – filled right up to the brim were never quite worth that last lick of the rim. So he set on a search, fearing chances were slim, that he’d find the right bean that would satisfy him.

Seeking perfection – organic and true – a coffee to move you ‘just right’ the day through, Joey has done what he set out to do…

ROCKIN’ & ROASTIN’, his own special brew.


I’m no stranger to the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. For the past forty-plus years, I have hit the circuit hard and have lived through some unbelievable experiences – both high and low – and have come out on the other side. During this whirlwind that has been my life, I’ve grown to appreciate the little things and have found a new way to share my passion with everyone: Rockin’ & Roastin’ Coffee.

Living life on the road and keeping these crazy hours, I’ve developed an unparalleled appreciation for a good cup of coffee. It sounds simple, yes, but when you live the life I have, it’s the simple things that can satisfy you most. After years of touring the globe and being subjected to a lot (I repeat, a lot) of bad coffee, I knew I had to streamline my experiences and learned expertise to come up with something that would satiate even the most discerning java enthusiast.

After doing countless amounts of research (I might be an honorary chemist by now), sampling endless batches and hitting the presses in nearly every continent, my Rockin’ & Roastin’ Coffee dream was born. The result? Some of the finest, purest kick-ass coffee on the planet comprised of organic, custom-roasted Arabica brews in three varieties sure to please the palate of any “coffee-sseur.”

Rock On & Roast On.

Joey Kramer